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No-"R"-Birds Sanctuary

Through education we can eliminate birds requiring sanctuary because they are:
Rescued - removed from a life threatening situation.
Relinquished - voluntarily surrendered,
Ransomed - relinquished for money.

We provide a safe permanent home for parrots that have been neglected, abused and those with behavioral or medical issues. We focus on those most in need but a few of our flock simply needed a home. We prefer parrots have a home of their own! If at all possible we want your parrot to stay with you. To help, we provide: support, information, behavior modification and education so you & your parrot  will remain together.


No-"R"-Birds Sanctuary

Featured Bird

Meet Buddy.             Buddy is a sun conure that was found outside in Atlanta.  No one came forward to claim him.   We estimate his hatch date was 2009 or 2010.  Buddy is curious and will spend hours in the company of anyone that earns his trust.     

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