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My home was Colorado. In 1998 I started observing and working with parrots. Within a year I was doing home visits and working with behavior  issues. I was invited to visit The Gabriel Foundation where I was exposed to multiple parrot  species with their numerous personalities & behaviors. My passion grew, as did my  experience, exposure and understanding of parrots. Parrots literally became my life; my  passion. Within 2 years I was doing parrots full time. Our flock now numbered 10 and we  were looking for a warm place to retire. We landed in Georgia. We loved the country but  lost everything "parrot". Thinking a parrot club would be a great way to network & share  information with other parrot people I started Squawktalk parrot club. This was my way of  introducing our sanctuary to the public. The "club" was good for assessing the requests we  were receiving for help with placement and sanctuary but I felt the sanctuary got lost under  the pretense of a bird club. Although we placed 16 birds in forever homes we more than  doubled the number of birds we had in sanctuary. It is time to showcase "no-"R"-birds"  sanctuary for the sanctuary it is.

  As with all animal welfare organizations we quickly filled up. In 2009 we acquired our  501(c)(3) non profit status. Many of our parrots came to us with behavioral or social issues  and a few parrots with medical issues so we made the decision to focus on the needs of our resident birds. We provide the best in parrot husbandry, housing, environment & stimulation  as well as social interaction and medical care for our birds.
  Currently we can only consider the most critical cases as our space is  extremely limited. 

  Reality is these birds are most likely going to out live us. Being a responsible parrot welfare organization we made the decision to find the best forever homes for our sanctuary birds. If you can provide a home and are willing to make the lifetime commitment to a companion bird, Please contact us for an application to start the placement process.


                -Deb Allwein

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