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We started outreach and education in 2003.


Due to COVID, for the health and safety of both our flock and our supporters, we are a closed facility. Open only for educational out reach for the veterinary community until further notice.


PAST EVENTS 2015 thru present


OLLI, -an interactive discussion       Athens Tech                
Mount Vernon Outreach                 
Library Outreach
Atlanta Bird Club                            Volunteer Work @ The Gabriel Foundation

UGA Open House                            Artists in the Flight
PALS Program @ HSNEGa    

Art in the Park
HSNEGa. Open House                    Sponsored Grooming HSNEGa

UGA exotics club Edu.

Events up tp 2014

 Atlanta Bird Club           
Athens Tech                               

Love of Llamas 4-H event

Bentley Assisted Living Visit          

UGA Open House
4-H & Llamas @ Chilean Farms   

Turtle Trek                                       Flight Grand Opening                

Painting with Parrots     

Athens Montessori School             
Outreach @ Home Depot               Hill Haven Nursing Home Visit
4-H of Oconee County              
Georgia Companion Bird Society   
Miss Vickie's Parrot Village Open   House                         

Port Party Fund Raise                       
OLLIE Presentation

HSJC Meeting                                
No "R" Birds Open House              
Sluggers for Strays
Humane Society of NE Georgia    P.A.L.S. Program

Maysville Festival               

"Re-tail" Grand Opening (HSJC)
Parrot Blood Donation @ UGA

Luau for the Library                        
Parrots & Boy Scout                     
City Lights in Commerce                    

Maysville Festival
Edu. Presentation @ Harris       Family Reunion
Athens Garden Club: Ecology vs Habitat Destruction for Wild Parrots
    Youth Group edu.
Squawktalk Meetings                       

Athens Photography Guild (Donbyram Art)                 


Lyndon House Youth Week
Montessori Edu.                       

Art in the Park
Fly-in J.C. Airport

Zoo Days at Bear Hollow                   

City Lights
Turtle Trek at Crows Lake                   Avian Veterinary Conference             
Art Festival (Donbyram Art)
Mimosas for Mutts                          

Bird Transport


Want to volunteer? There are many ways you can support the birds. We work but we have fun. We play...boy do we play! Contact us for more information.

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Our Biggest Supporter

Bob 1.jpg

It is impossible to express the thanks & appreciation for all Bob Allwein has done and continues to do for the birds and the sanctuary.


He is the brains, the brawn & yes the bank that keeps us going.  The Bird room, Shower room, Kitchen, Pantry & Toy making room were concrete and a few studs.  The aviary & flight were open space. The wonderful bird room, aviary & flight the birds enjoy are the result of hard work by Bob.

Here are some of his projects...

Thor (tortoise) out grew his shelter. Bob built him a new enclosure. Insulated, with an airlock and thermostatically controlled radiant heat.

Next project, replacing wood steps with stone.

Bob 2.jpg
Bob 3.jpg

The Brains, the brawn & the bank behind our sanctuary. Bob does it all.

Bob 4.jpg
Bob 5.jpg

The Breezeway/small bird flight is being built. Bob has cut the "door" on the aviary side and has started welding the frame. This will connect the aviary to the flight. The birds will be contained at all times.

Other picture of the flight after 2 days of hard rain. We are pleased that none of the top soil or fill dirt washed out. Ah-man...more rain.

Bob 6.jpg
Bob 7.jpg

What is Bob up to? Answer- building another flight for the small birds. 7x10, lucky birds.

Bob 9.jpg
Bob 10.jpg
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