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What you are NOT told!

It may be out of fear, aggression, or play but the reality of living with a parrot is that sooner or later you will get bit. Sadly this and "not enough time" are the most common reasons parrots are given up. Having a parrot is like a job with no days off and no vacation. A job you will have for the rest of your life. Please think about this before getting a bird.

  • Birds are not domesticated pets

  • Birds live a long time

  • Birds require checkups by an avian vet

  • Birds require a lot of time

  • Birds are loud

  • Birds are destructive

  • Birds are messy

  • Birds need showers

  • Birds produce lots of dander

  • Birds are high maintenance - high cost companions

  • Birds require routine grooming

  • Birds need space

  • Birds require toys

  • Birds generally have one favorite person

  • Birds can become aggressive

  • Birds do not have to be babies to bond

  • Not all birds talk

  • All birds bite

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